Task management, documents and participants in one place

Complex construction projects require shared, transparent and always available workspaces. The wide range of information collected requires customisable solutions to fit all needs.
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Share and track your team’s tasks

With task lists and Gantt-charts, Check allows your team to be notified at all times and keep up with the progress of their tasks.

A created task helps to share information and attachments with participants.

Gantt Chart scheduling through task management function

Multiple projects running in parallel require schedules of increased complexity to let you stay in control. Create any grouped, linked or isolated task in Check and control your processes on a shared schedule.

Shared schedules allow for easier deadline communication, while the most prudent can use a percentage based progress reporting tool to communicate transparently.

Check’s users solve hundreds of problems and tasks every week, therefore Check allows them to create any number of tasks.

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Collect and report only what matters

On site paper documents can change from project to project. We’ve collected and refined their most common parts for you to use again – differently. Punch lists, fields, signatures and in total, 11 widgets to collect information from the site with the reporting scheme you create. Then file your reports on mobile in a speedy and modular way.

Automate with our task management function

Documents created by you will not only speed up your documenting time, it will automate your insights and dashboards as well.

Use the material tracking, cost or location widgets and get access to cost and inventory logging automations that help you stay in control while you can forget about lengthy paperwork. 


The benefits of cloud and customer experience

In our case study, we detail how a solar panel company was able to save 90% on the administration and billing process during handover.

In addition, they were able to enhance the customer experience with automated email project documentation, e-signatures, and an overall hassle-free training.


Ask our team for free advice on task management

We are happy to help you get started and in addition you can use Check for an unlimited 30-day free trial with your entire team.

Those we already build together with

Check has more than 100 projects under its belt in various construction fields, saving much needed hours on project management and leading the company.

Learn more about why more and more companies love using Check for their documenting and project management processes on construction sites.


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