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Superintendents, contractors and office teams that do scheduling, reporting and documenting need tools that are faster, simpler and available anywhere, anytime.

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On our platform:

Create schedules, custom documents, inventories and track costs with your team  on iOS, Android and web. Boost scheduling and internal documenting while creating transparency. Modern building companies strive to create documenting processes that are faster and availably everywhere, helping them monitor their projects easier.


Send tasks, gather information and documents with your team using our Gantt-chart based scheduling system that’s customisable, integrated with your inventories and cost calculations, delivering you better insights, faster.

Material tracking

Keep your inventories up-to date. Track your material usage from requests to built-in with integrated custom documents. Cut on documenting time with the help of QR codes and invoices, both on mobile and web.


Handle your PDF files with high quality and great performance. Create callouts, edits and implement version control. Share your sheets with your colleagues by attaching it to the schedule. You can store as many documents as you want on as many projects as needed.

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Unlimited projects 

Unlimited sheets 

… and much more, in weekly updates!

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Sheets and projects in one place

Share blueprints and documents in PDF format.

Gantt-chart based tasks with notifications and attachments


Material tracking from requests to built-in

Manage the inventories of your projects on any device, faster than ever. Track your incoming and used materials with costs, documents and more.

Work with inventories that are always up-to-date
Speed up documenting
Digitalize your invoices 

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Build your own documents

Complex construction processes require reporting that’s avaialble on any device, at any time. Changing on-site information requires a customizable documenting procedure, so your team can focus on what matters.


Cost tracking

It’s always a priority for leaders to have their finances together. Gather payment information from construction sites, inventories and costs to avoid cost overruns on your project. 

Those we already build together with

Check has more than 100 projects under its belt in various construction fields, saving much needed hours on project management and leading the company.

Learn more about why more and more companies love using Check for their documenting and project management processes on construction sites. 

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