Material tracking

Work with up-to-date inventory
Speed up documenting
Make your invoices digital
project management software material tracking on floating apple devices

Request to built-in inventories

Manage your project inventories in a simple way, fast and on any device. Track your incoming and built-in materials with costs and documents.

Decrease documenting time and involve your team in the order process while making their requests easier.

Import from Excel

You don’t need a whole lot of time to transfer your existing inventories to Check. Upload your data with a few clicks by using our .xls template.

Light-speed order process with our material tracking function

Send material orders faster than ever after getting all requests together. We’ll even save you time on writing emails while you’re tracking your shipments sorted by order status.

You can also add a QR code to every material movement which helps your coworkers identify shipments on site. Inform your team by setting expected delivery dates which is automatically communicated and notified in Check.



project management software material tracking on feature iphone

Get deliveries done in a simple way

Shipments can be identified faster than ever using your automatically generated QR codes, provided your supplier attaches them to a shipment.

There’s also an option to treat missing items: any material that was not shipped is automatically rerouted to the order flow for replacement. Upload your invoices and documents to cut time on documentation.


project management software material tracking on floating apple devices

Built-in materials tracking , anywhere

Include the ‘Used materials’ widget in your daily reports and documents. You can track usage and gather information from the site faster by filling out these documents only. Data will also appear on the material and cost dashboards. Click on the link to get to know more about our custom documenting solution.

Our goal is saving time on documentation

We gathered insights in this case study to learn more about our material tracking platform and the new documenting policies of a construction company.

In this study, we were looking out for metrics on time on the material order process and on-site documenting.

Ask our team for free advice on material tracking

We are happy to help you get started and in addition you can use Check for an unlimited 30-day free trial with your entire team.

Those we already build together with

Check has more than 100 projects under its belt in various construction fields, saving much needed hours on project management and leading the company.

Learn more about why more and more companies love using Check for their documenting and project management processes on construction sites. 

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