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Share your tasks
with your teammates – Task Management

With our app, you can assign multiple employees, contractors or even subcontractors to a specific task using an email address.

Therefore, the project manager can distribute agendas and tasks through Lokcheck, allowing you to share technical information, reports and any necessary information for your team.

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No more
missed task with task management function

Above all, Lokcheck’s smart agenda automatically detects and signals tasks close to deadlines for you and your team, making it easier to meet deadlines and avoiding possible delays.

Through interactive color coding and status reports, we give you a quick insight into the state of a construction, from the most complex phases to the smallest tasks.

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Share accurate information
using the task management function

With the help of our project management application, accuracy in all areas are simple and clear. It is no different in the allocation of tasks either.

However, you don’t have to be a project manager to create useful schedules. Through dynamic Gantt charts, any complex schedule can be transparently managed and communicated with the team.

You can attach PDF files, comments, or even blueprints to different tasks in different projects, which can provide important information to each member of the team.

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