Project management for subcontractors

Increase your work efficiency, with our
Project Management Software for Subcontractors

Communicate and manage your problems in real time

Tasks close to the deadline get prioritized within our system. If a task is neglected or not ready in time, our applications signals immediately so that you can redeploy your workforce to tasks that require completion.

Have access to documents from anywhere

You and your team can work with the most up to date data. Our application works with a cloud-based system to make sure that you can access and edit your information from anywhere at any time. Of Course only those who are entitled to


Less meeting time


Faster quality control


70% less time spent on rework

Manage your team from the office

Keep an eye on all your projects

You can follow all projects seamlessly with Lokchecks unlimited data storage capabilities, regardless of their size. If you have several project at once, you can easily jump between them, and manage the work on the field without having to leave your office

Optimize labor utilization

Give your task priority so that your team members know which tasks need to be done first. Connecting the field to the office helps reduce delays by a large margin. Our project management software can reduce reworking for subcontractors.

Increase transparency and reduce risk, with our
Project Management Software For Subcontractors

Simple material tracking

With our material tracking system, your inventory is counted in real time. With records of incoming and outgoing materials, Lokcheck allows construction companies to reduce material handling and invoicing time

Document without error

Collect and take photos of the progress of your project. Add your photos and videos to certain tasks for documentation purposes. This also gives you a life line incase of any legal matter in the future

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