Project management software for construction projects

Efficient communication
Easy analytics
Better quality
API Integration


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Fast project leading
Reduce team negotiations with mutual schedules

Increase efficiency
Create reports in the matter of seconds

Prevent reworks Send visible and detailed information to your team

Fast administration
Save up to two hours a day with automatic data collection

File storage
We provide easy access to your documents

Material tracking
Keep track of the exact quantities of materials at hand

Project planning and easy schedualing

Project management often challenges many professionals. You have to have all the necessary information at your disposal for when you meet with your clients, or for when you reconcile with your contractors to make the best decisions. For our project management system this is a piece of cake.

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Creating shared reports

Lokcheck gives the opportunity of data collection from the site throughout the construction process. The different types of technical informations created by the managers can be stored for future use.

the best decisions

Collecting and combining reports have never been this easy. With the help of our project management system the construction process transparent.

Fast accessibility

With lokchecks easy planning we automatically detect and pre-arrange the tasks getting close to the deadline, so you can concentrate on the most important problems.

Get rid of
your problems

Your current tasks are easily planned with the help of our project management software. The quality of the tasks and the current status is also easily visible.

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document handling

Always be on the same page to prevent uncoordinated work. Never miss a documents or instructions ever again

Data safety

All your information is stored in our encrypted cloud. Your plans and project information are only seen by those you choose.

Day Ready

Everybody can use the latest knowledge within Lokcheck. Your uploaded information is synchronised on all your devices and the participants are all informed about changes that have been made.
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Keep track of your materials and cut out all paperwork

Tracking your materials and storing your receipts is a very monotone and tedious task. Paper based receipts often get lost or misplaced and keeping track of your inventory can take up alot of your time. With the help of our app this is a problem from the past.

Keep your supplies in mind

Inputting supplies has never been this easy. The status of your materials and the current quantity are easily seen in detail.

Set yourself free of paperwork

If you store your receipts in Lokchecks secure file storage system, you can have access to everything you need in the matter of seconds to make all your accounting needs easy.

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BIM Integration

Integrated with Archicad’s BIMx model display platform, we provide fast service between the project management interface and the BIM model. When creating schedules, shared tasks can be linked to the GUID of the elements, and a hyperlink will be added to the tasks, allowing the task viewer to quickly navigate to the affected part of the building in the BIM model.
BIMx integration is free for Lokcheck subscribers and can be downloaded from the app or installed into the BIMx system. A BIMx Pro subscription is required to run the add-on.
With the model connection we can achieve a more accurate documentation systematization: All completed measurements and warranty papers are stored at the given part of the building with the help of the model.

Project management software for construction projects

Our application is designed for the most diverse environments of construction sites. We believe that connecting and sharing knowledge are the opportunities that the construction industry can benefit the most from.