Material tracking


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inflows and outflows with Lokcheck’s material tracking function

Material tracking and organizing invoices is a very time consuming and highly accurate task. Paper-based invoices are often lost, while real-time stock-taking takes an extremely long time.

Lokcheck uses transactions to show you the amount of building material in real time. Our system is capable of storing both incoming and outgoing materials.

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your delivery notes and invoices

Store all invoices, delivery notes and documents related to your materials in Lokcheck. You can assign documents to different projects, thus transparently organizing the information related to the materials.

By storing invoices in Lokcheck, paperwork can never be lost. However, your business can reduce administration time.

project management software material tracking on feature iphone

Accurate estimates
using Lokcheck

With the help of our project management application, you can give a more accurate estimate in terms of raw materials. In addition you can get rid of the problem of unnecessarily furnished goods or scarce stock.

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