Smart maps for Smart companies.

Create maps!

The usage of Lokcheck starts with creating construction maps. You can have as many maps as you need and access them any time.

Higher efficiency

By giving your colleagues the right tasks with Lokcheck, driving and initiating projects is easier. Also tracking your progress has never been cooler.

Daily punch-lists

We can keep the work hours of all colleagues automatically. Forget piles of paper and exhausting administration.


In construction, there is no time to waste. Complete your obligatory diaries with one click.


Founder and chief technical director of Lokcheck. He is a magician of IT challenges and stands his ground in all situations.

Ábrahám László

Founder and executive of Lokcheck. He gained his construction know-how from his father’s company, currently a student of University of Szeged in the Economics Department.

Vas Bence

The heart and soul of product building and mentor of the founders. Hungarians and Fortune 500 companies seek his advice on the daily.

Tolnai Ákos

“Construction has left out on digitalization and the benefits it can gain with it.”
It’s time to change that.

Our partners

Lokcheck, briefly

Lokcheck is an early stage info-communication startup based in Hungary with the goal of placing construction digitalization in the mainstream.

Our goal

We designed Lokcheck to crank up the efficiency of construction projects. We believe that better insights and less mistakes make a better future for a construction company.

What we give:

  • Industry leading digitalization
  • Automation every day
  • Higher efficiency

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