Project management software
for owners

Review the architectural work

Clear work sessions

With our project management software, you can seamlessly track the progress of your projects, whether next door or anywhere else in the world. With our real-time reports, you can make all decisions based on up-to-date information

Get access to any document, from anywhere

Use the same platform to manage multiple projects. In our application, you can assign subcontractors, main contractors or even supplier partners to one scene, so you can store all the necessary information in one place


Less meeting time


Faster quality control


70% less time spent on rework

Transparent documentation, with our
Project Management Software for owners

Take over completed projects at the touch of a button

Our application gathers important documents in one place from the planning stage, through implementation to delivery. This allows all information to be centralized in one place, so that the documents required for handover are easily accessible by the end of the project

Optimize labor utilization

Use the existing archive to keep track of project expenses. With our application, we no longer have to review a bunch of papers to review the cost of either materials or labor. With Lokchek, you can get an accurate estimate of all the costs incurred, saving you many hours.

Reduce the risk, with our
Project Management Software, owners

Customizable reports

With Lokcheck, you can find out exactly when, what kind of work you did. With our customizable reports, you get access to the data you really need

Contact contractors, subcontractors

Record messages on project blueprints so the contractor and subcontractors can answer your questions immediately. Linking different actors significantly increases the efficiency of the project and reduces the time spent correcting errors

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