Construction Project management software for General Contractors


Take your territorial organization to new levels with our Construction Project Management Software

Increase your team's efficiency

Create tasks for your team with the thump of your thumb. If there are changes in the planning your team members will be notified immediately through Lokcheck. By doing this you are preventing unnecessary work.

Communicate with your team in real time

Assign tasks to your team at the touch of a button. If there is a change in your schedule, you can notify your coworkers in the field immediately to avoid unnecessary workflows construction project management software.


Less meeting time


Faster quality control


70% less time spent on rework

Provide stable and consistent performance with our Construction Project Management Software

Fast planning no matter the size of your company

Get notified instantly for the most important tasks. Our project management software gives easy solutions for planning and making sure you are able to deal with changes in a jiffy.

Real-time reports

Know exactly who from your team is doing what task. Your team members can give feedback of the percentage a certain task has finished, so you can prioritize the important or missing tasks for efficient and effective work.

Reduce the risk with Lokcheck

Work from the latest files

Put the latest plans, documents, and information in your onsite workers pockets so they always have the most accurate information with them. With the help of our project management software, your team members will always have the latest version of the plans they need.

Document without error

Collect and create pictures of the status of your project. You can also include photos and videos to different tasks, so your documentation is accurate and exact. You can also offer a secure lifeline for your company incase of any legal matters.

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