Documenting in one place, anywhere

Share blueprints and documents
Make edits and callouts
Implement version control
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High quality PDF documenting

In most cases, you’re going to be using large PDFs on your site. Save and share your files in Check.

When sharing your sheets, you want sharp quality and fast editing. That’s why your team needs a reliable platform on both mobile and desktop.

Share with your team

Notifications, callouts are critical for your efficiency, because construction documents and sheets change all the time.

Your team can share as many sheets as they want in folders and find them easily when they’re using them.




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Focus on change of your documenting

Are your documents changing all the time? Are you looking for a way to communicate these changes? Search no longer.

Sheets uploaded to Check are editable, linkable and version trackable.

Try sharing PDFs and documents with your team for free and forget wasting your own disk space and messaging back and forth. 


High quality sheets and BIM

We’re releasing this module to shed light on the importance of on-site sheet availability. The study does contains several real cases, but we’re dedicating a standalone part for this topic, as we’re still seeing a complete lack of this process at several companies. We’re bringing our best practices and future features to the table.

Those we already build together with

Check has more than 100 projects under its belt in various construction fields, saving much needed hours on project management and leading the company.

Learn more about why more and more companies love using Check for their documenting and project management processes on construction sites. 

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