Cost tracking meets project management

It’s always a priority for leaders to have their finances together. Gather payment information from construction sites, inventories and costs to avoid cost overruns on your project. 

Material, labour and any other costs

After setting your total project budget, define custom categories like material and labour costs.

By pairing your costs with these categories, Check will automatically summarise data and create reports of your cost categories.

Track costs in your reporting forms and inventories, with custom parameters.

Detailed reports with our cost tracking function

You can view your budget by individual costs or in tables for separate categories and track your net and gross expenses too.

Create reports and export them in .xls format, so your data collected in Check can be used in other processes too.

Keep your budgets together like material and labour costs, while keeping your expenses separated and transparent.


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Plan ahead with recurring costs

In Check, you can schedule recurring payments and costs with custom date paremeters.

Set up your periods or dates when your costs will come into effect and track your sub-contractor fees, wages or rental fees.

Ask our team for free advice on cost tracking

We are happy to help you get started and in addition you can use Check for an unlimited 30-day free trial with your entire team.

Those we already build together with

Check has more than 100 projects under its belt in various construction fields, saving much needed hours on project management and leading the company.

Learn more about why more and more companies love using Check for their documenting and project management processes on construction sites. 

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